Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Yes, I Can Cook!

This New Year – inspired to be hopeful in a dark world, and needing to change the bad habits of a lifetime – I made a resolution: I will cook a new recipe every week of 2009.

Not much of a challenge, you might say. But that’s probably because you can cook.

My cooking skills, or lack thereof, have been a running joke among family and friends for the past twenty years. Oh, the cheese sandwiches, the cans of soup, the endless pieces of toast. It’s a miracle I’m still alive.

Anyway, Jack & I got married last year and I’ve decided that, for his sake, it’s time to get a grip on this cooking thing.

Why a blog? Well, most people I know can actually cook, and I’m a bit ashamed to be starting this late in life, so haven’t really been talking about it with them. But there is some natural pride in pulling a fish pie out of the oven [recipe to follow] and finding it looks exactly like the one in the book!

So I turn to you, people of the ether, to share with you (or probably just the ether itself) the highs and lows of my kitchen adventures.

Please give me your feedback – advice, tips, corrections, whatever – and enjoy!

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JAM said...

yeah! the blog looks great, friendly and informative. i look forward to the fruits of your labor. xo