Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Poor Man's Bouillabaise

Another recipe from the NY Times, this one from their "Recipes for Health" section. We both had our birthdays in the last couple of days, and had too much beer and chocolate (if such a thing is possible). So I went a bit overboard in reaction, and cooked this very healthy soup. We agreed that it was pretty tasty, but we really prefer thicker, creamier soups. Cooking the eggs in it was fun though (using an expansive definition of fun).

P.S. The flavors had intensified nicely when we ate the leftovers the next day.

The Recipe: Poor Man's Bouillabaise

Again, I'll just give you the link:


I was cautious about the salt - the recipe calls for quite a bit, but since you're using things that potentially have salt in them anyway (can of tomatoes, stock), it can accumulate. And once it's in, you obviously can't take it out! I ended up adding about a teaspoon total (my tomatoes had salt, but the stock was sodium-free).

Also, I did a couple of things that you probably wouldn't need to: (a) left out the garlic (can't eat it), and (b) threw in a handful of green beans that we had lurking around.


The soup (though Jack had already broken up his egg)

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