Monday, February 9, 2009

More Pasta, with Pesto (and Cursing)

What was that cooking on the new stove? Well, I decided to try a recipe from Mark Bittman's blog on the NY Times. I made some pesto in January, and it came out very nicely, even though I had to leave out the garlic [that garlic-intolerance thing]. Pesto without garlic?! I know, but really, it did taste fine.

But I think Jack was underwhelmed - it was just pasta with pesto, after all. So I was drawn to the Bittman recipe, which throws in some waxy potatoes (I used some little yellow fingerling things that we had, just scrubbed them rather than peeling) and green beans. They add just the right amount of interest, and the beans make it seem healthier. It got the thumbs up from my victim this time.

The Recipe: Trenette with Pesto

I won't replicate the recipe here - I followed his, except again he seemed to use a lot of pasta, so we did less (and still had leftovers).


I followed one tip from a comment on the blog, and cooked the potatoes separately from the pasta. That allows you a bit more flexibility to make sure that everything is done at the same time. I did throw the beans in with the pasta though.

The cursing came in when making the pesto: the ****ing chopper attachment for my hand blender, which I'd only used twice before, stopped working. Grrrr! After multiple attempts, taking it apart, putting it together, cleaning it, etc., the air was totally blue, so I gave up and managed to use the regular blender attachment instead. The pesto was uneven, but still tasted good. (Manufacturer is sending a replacement chopper.)
Pasta, potatoes, and bread?! That plate was Jack's...


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