Thursday, February 26, 2009

Winter Squash Risotto (Orange Again!)

This is a recipe I stumbled on when looking for info on sodium (see below). And, yes, it's orange. What is it with us?

It was pretty easy, tasty, and had a lovely fragrance - which is nice, because our apartment is rather short on doors, and smells tend to waft about and hang around.

Served it with some asparagus that had been languishing in the fridge since the Pernod dish - actually a very good combination of flavors, highly recommended.

The Recipe: Winter Squash Risotto

Here's the link:

I've been wondering whether I should after all be replicating the recipes here, to prevent broken link issues, etc. Any thoughts?


Well, actually, I did make quite a big mistake - just after step 2, I started to do a bit of tidying, and put away the packet of rice. And discovered the arborio rice was still sitting in the cupboard - I'd used jasmine rice instead! Aaaargh!

But, you know, it really didn't seem to matter. It cooked up fine, and didn't taste weird at all. I think the parmesan cheese covers a lot of sins.

Also, the butternut squash could have been a teeny bit softer, even though it was definitely done - but maybe that's a matter of taste. Perhaps could cook it a little longer before adding the other ingredients, or else steam/nuke/parboil it separately before starting.


After step 2

About the middle of step 3

On the plate, with some fresh grated Parm. on top


JAM said...

yum...and good as leftovers for an additional day (or two) as well!

viva l'orange!

JAM said...

tres bien! viva l'orange!!