Friday, March 20, 2009

Shrimp Scampi

If you can call it that, when it hasn't got any garlic in it.

I got the idea to make this from browsing Half-Assed Kitchen (has to be one of the best blog names ever).

But then I thought maybe I should use one of my new cookbooks (see below) instead. So I followed Mark Bittman's recipe. Well, I should say, almost followed it, and that's where it went a bit wrong...

The Recipe: Shrimp Scampi

Will actually give you the link to Half-Assed Kitchen's version, because I'd do it this way next time, just cooking the shallots a bit on their own before adding the rest of the sauce ingredients.


Mr B. sautes his garlic (shallot for me) first, and I liked that idea. But he also uses what seemed like an enormous amount of oil. "Oh well, I can just use less," thought the big idiot. No, you can't. Everything just sticks, and the bits of shallot burn, and there's not enough of the good stuff to go on the pasta, and... and... WAAAAH!!

But it still tasted good (we put a bit of grated parm on top, seems to solve a lot of problems). And I'll know better next time.


Shrimp cooking, innocently enough at this point

Another murky picture of the end result

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