Wednesday, March 18, 2009

NY Times Says I'm a Healthy Cook (and That's Bad)

Had to post this article from the NY Times yesterday. It talks about the "nutritional gatekeeper" for a household - i.e. the cook - and how they affect the health of the family. Researchers interviewed home cooks and analyzed them into 5 types (giving, methodical, healthy, competitive, innovative). There's a pop quiz that goes along with it, which many people objected to as being overly simplistic. But if you like mindless quizzes about yourself (and I do) it's kinda fun.

Thought I'd be "methodical" but it turns out I'm "healthy"...and that's not good. Apparently they're too willing to sacrifice taste. Said the doc: "if you like food, then the healthy cook is not necessarily the person you want to hang out with." Based on the soup experience below, they maybe have a point. Poor Jack.

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Anonymous said...

healthy AND tasty, i say! cooking without garlic is a challenge, yr doing a great job. :-)