Sunday, March 8, 2009

O Blogger...

O Blogger, how easy and yet also how difficult thou art! Regular readers (all two of you) may notice a redesign. I was kinda fond of the old template, but it didn't allow me to have my own header graphic without doing some coding. (My coding days are very, very long ago.)

And the picture is so cute, but takes up too much real estate, but I don't have proper editing software, etc., etc. And there's extra space for some reason round the photos in the pork chop post, no idea why, and can't get rid of it.

But you folks don't worry about all of that, I'm just moaning. Will now get on with doing some actual food posting...

BTW, the picture came from a great site with free stock images - Stock Xchange ( This particular image is by a user called "rrss". (Another user called "woodsy" also had some nice ones, in case you're interested.)

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