Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Foodgawker & a Humble Apology

Must share foodgawker, in case you haven't seen it. Found it last week, and have been entranced ever since. And humbled.

Not because of the cooking, though that's very impressive. It's the photos, of course. Especially because, though some of the people are professional food photographers, many of them are just regular old bloggers.

So now I'm really embarrassed about my pix, and am having to remind myself that my resolution was to learn to cook, not to be a food photog. Anyway, sorry about them, I know they're really bad.

Any advice would be very welcome. The biggest problem is lighting, really. (Though it would help if I didn't just randomly plonk things on the plate.)

And enjoy foodgawker, it's addictive.

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