Sunday, May 17, 2009

Strawberry-Orange Muffins (and Cats)

Cooking is like swine flu. Viral. One day people are just going about their business, and the next they're all making strawberry muffins.

No immunity here. First saw a recipe on Eating Well, but that had a lot of ingredients, some of which were scary (e.g. buttermilk). Then there was another on noobcook, which was nice and simple but used lots of sugar. Then found one on eggsonsunday that looked just right (to quote Baby Bear).

The Recipe: Strawberry-Orange Muffins
From eggsonsunday.

Didn't exactly follow her recipe. We'd just been eating a lot of cinnamon & sugar in the coffee cake, and I liked Eating Well's idea of strawberry & orange. So... left out the spices, used orange instead of lemon, and all-purpose flour and milk instead of wholewheat and buttermilk. They came out beautifully.

But the original version looks great, will definitely try it.


Only made half the recipe. Didn't have enough flour, and Jack said: What would we do with 12 muffins anyway? Um, eat them, that's what we'd do! Four disappeared within 5 mins. So another time would absolutely make the whole thing.

Could have cooked them a little longer too (maybe between 20-25 mins in our oven).


Meanwhile, the cats were playing with the box that the muffin pan came in. Peanut (orange tabby) had it, then his sister (Marmite) decided she wanted it, so got him in a headlock (she's half his size, btw):



In muffin pan:

About to be eaten...


Bob said...

Those look awesome. Muffins are one of my favorites, which is why I've pretty much stopped making them. I'm trying to lose weight. Heh.

Great cat shot too, in my experience the female cats are usually dominant. Either that or most of the female cats I know are just jerks...

Yesica N. Cook said...

Thanks! It was a carb-heavy day - will have to give baking a rest for a while. :\

They're funny - most of the time he can't be bothered to argue with her, but sometimes she'll push him just tooo far, and he goes all Incredible Hulk.