Sunday, February 7, 2010

Jack's Birthday Profiteroles

These were a surprise for Jack's birthday dinner. A surprise for him and for me as, incredibly, they came out perfect.

(Main course - his request - was swedish meatballs. Bring on the old jokes - or maybe don't...)

The Recipe: Profiteroles
Used Alton Brown's recipe - well, half of it, and made by hand (rather than with food processor).

For the sauce used a quarter cup milk, a quarter cup bittersweet chocolate chips, and a tablespoon of honey (a combination of Mark Bittman and Ina Garten). Didn't make the ice-cream, sorry.

Can I be a little smug at the fact that Alton labels these "difficult"?  Though that probably refers to the part where you're supposed to pipe them into perfect little shapes. Which obviously didn't happen here.  These are, shall we say, artisanal?

They were a bit heart-stopping, though. They stayed tiny for several long minutes after going in the oven. Oh well, I thought, they're obviously disasters, might as well do the washing-up. Then turned round and they'd popped up beautifully.  Not so difficult after all!  And apparently they freeze well too, which is a good job, as there's no way we could eat eight of them.

Next stop - gougeres, one of my unmet goals from last year. Onwards and upwards, people!


jack said...

best b-day dinner ever...who needs to go out to a fancy restaurant when we've got it all right here?! thanks! xoxo

Kate said...

Fantabulous! If you have any left over, I'm sure I can help out... strap 'em to the backs of one of those kitties and send them over!

Bob said...

Oh wow, those are gorgeous! Great job. :)

Strawberry said...

I'm a terrible cook, or maybe I just haven't tried hard enough. But your blog is inspiring, thank-you!

Yesica N. Cook said...

Thanks guys - and Strawberry, if I can do it, you definitely can!