Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's... Onion Soup

Very romantic. Actually made this the night before Jack's birthday - he pointed out that it was his last night in his forties, so it wasn't really appropriate then either. Oh well. I spent the last night of his forties crying - how about that? (It's a lot of onion-chopping.)

The Recipe: Jamie Oliver's English Onion Soup
Online here.

I assume it's the cheddar that makes it English. It was actually the cheddar that saved it from being a tiny bit bland - but that may not have been the recipe's fault. I have to leave out the garlic, and perhaps this was one of the times when it really makes a difference. But it was nice, we'd have it again.

Didn't think that our soup bowls could go under the broiler, so just made cheese on toast separately and put it on top of the soup (pushing it in a bit) which worked fine.


FOOD + Etc said...

this looks absolutely delicious! even though it's not valentines day anymore, i'm still going to try this out :)

Catherine said...

Mmm, what a yummy looking soup!

Daisy Blue said...

This is a nice soup..nice blog.. do visit my blog if you like Indian food :)

Kaitlyn said...

this look great! definitely have to give it a try!