Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pasta Ceci

First of all, many apologies for the long absence. Plenty of cooking, but no blogging, sorry. So here are a couple of quick posts (just an hour till "Rescue Me"!)

First up, a slightly goofy rendition of rachel eats' pasta ceci (i.e. chickpeas - si, I speak Italian... not!)

Have made a pasta ceci before, but that was different, a pasta sauce. This is a hearty soup. OK, so it's not soup weather now, but anyone remember last week? (For those of you not in the NE USA, we were having the Great Flood here.)

Anyway, you're going to think I'm a lunatic, but the thing that made me happiest about this soup - it calls for a Parmesan rind! And we had one! How about that?!

The Recipe: Pasta Ceci
From rachel eats.


It was truly delicious, and will definitely go into rotation when the weather cools down again.

Though there was one small mistake... we had slightly the wrong kind of pasta: ditali instead of ditalini, they're about a million times bigger. So I think that's why it didn't come out as soupy, though maybe I'll throw in a bit more stock/water next time too.


Not too many, sorry, it was such a gloomy day.


Anonymous said...

looks just great and best of all you loved it, thats what really counts eh.......Everytime I make this it comes out differently, one day soupy, the next denser almost like a stew.
Parmesan rinds are magic, I add them to nearly all my soups.

Yesica N. Cook said...

Thanks Rachel, great to hear from you! Fab tip re the parm rinds!