Saturday, April 18, 2009

Introducing... The Cats

OK, I do take responsibility for my actions. But really hadn't thought of posting about the cats here until came across a very fun and funny cooking blog, Cooking Stuff, where the host, Bob, does regular Sunday posts about his cats. So let's blame Bob, shall we, rather than mad cat lady syndrome - sound good to you?

We adopted them in January, at 11 weeks old, so they're now just under 6 months old.

Peanut, the orange tabby, is a pretty normal cat. Friendly, sometimes aloof, scared of loud noises. Favorite things: chasing his sister, playing fetch, sniffing things, licking his bottom (typical guy).

Marmite, the tortoiseshell, is not normal. We've decided she's a mutant cat-monkey-ferret-dog-kangaroo hybrid. Favorite things: anything and everything, the more naughty and dangerous the better. But especially climbing, stealing bread rolls, getting wet, and cuddling.

Kitten Peanut

Kitten Marmite

Kittens in the in-box

Cats in the in-box - squashed Peanut

Cats on the bed

Cats in the bathroom

Cats fascinated by the bathroom

Marmite helping in the kitchen

Peanut sitting on Alton Brown

And not forgetting, because he will never be forgotten, their predecessor - our lovely Leo (1990-2007).

He always had to have the last word, so here he is, having it.


Bob said...

Heh, I'll take the blame for more cats on the net! :) Thanks for the kind words.

You know, I don't think I've ever met a tortoiseshell who was anything other than completely insane. My brother has one that you can play like the bagpipes. You touch her and she goes "mooooOOW!" Different places get different noises. She is hilarious. She also likes to use their bed as a toilet... which is less amusing and why she lives in the bathroom now. So I say enjoy the roll stealing, it could be so much worse. ;)

Yesica N. Cook said...

This made me cry laughing - thanks! (The bagpipes, not the bedwetting, of course.)